Sharing your computer – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Sharing Your Computer

If you are sharing your computer with your colleagues or family members, set a user
account for each person. Every user can choose their favorite desktop setting, web site
lists, or make their own My Documents folder etc., and save them to their user
accounts. When you turn on your computer, select your user account.

Setting New User Account

1. Click

start - Control Panel.

2. Click

User Accounts. If Classic view is selected, double-click User Accounts


3. Click

Create a new account string.


Type a name for the new account and click Next.


Select the account type; then, click Create Account. If you have selected a
Limited account, then that user account has limits for using your computer. See
Help and Support Center in start menu for more details.

6. Close

User Accounts dialog box; then, the Control Panel.

If more than one user accounts are set to your computer, you must select which user
account you will log in when you turn on your computer.

Log Off Your Computer

“Log off” is useful because you do not have to turn off your computer when you
finish your task and pass your computer to another person. There are two ways to log
off your computer, Switch User or Log Off.

If you select Switch User, you can pass your computer to another person without
closing your current applications. For example, if you are viewing a Web site, and
your colleague needs to open a program on your computer, use Switch User. You can
then view the same Web site by just switching users after your colleague finishes with
your computer.

If you select Log Off, the system will close all your session and you need to save your
files before logging off your computer.
1. Click

start - Log Off.

2. Select

Switch User or Log Off. If you select Log Off, the dialog box, which asks

you to save your data may appear.