Wireless lan – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Wireless LAN

Your computer has an integrated wireless LAN function compliant with IEEE
802.11b standard. You can access the network by the wireless LAN.

There are two kinds of wireless networks: a network using an access point and an
Adhoc network. You can connect your computer to a wired LAN or the Internet
through an access point that is also compliant with IEEE 802.11b standard. The
Adhoc network consists of a number of computers each equipped with wireless
networking interface. Each computer can communicate directly with other wireless
enabled computers.

The range to give reliable performance and the quality of connection
vary depending on the environment where you perform.

To communicate through the wireless LAN, activate the integrated antenna with the
following steps.

Activating Antenna

You can enable/disable the antenna by pressing Fn +F1 ( ) key combination. When
the antenna indicator (

) lights green, the antenna is enabled. When the indicator

light is off, it is disabled.

Antenna Indicator