Peripherals, Using peripherals, Chapter 4 – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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This chapter describes how to use peripheral devices with your computer. You can
connect an optional floppy disk drive unit, an optional CD-ROM drive unit, a printer,
an external monitor, a PC card, or other devices to your computer. To ensure proper
use, be sure to read the instructions for each peripheral device before connecting it to
your computer.

Using Peripherals

You can use the peripheral devices shown on the next page. For the details, refer to
the section explaining each device, or contact your dealer.

Be sure to turn off your computer and the peripheral devices before

connecting them (except when inserting a PC card or connecting USB
devices, etc.).

Confirm the peripheral device you will connect is Windows XP


Some devices have to be turned on after your computer is turned on.

Some devices require that you install their drivers before use (You may

need to connect the optional external floppy disk drive unit or the
optional external CD-ROM drive unit to install some of the drivers.)