Setting and starting a washing programme – ZANKER ZKI1530 User Manual

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Fill the detergent dis-
penser (A) with deter-


If you use a washing pro-
gramme with prewash
phase, put more deter-
gent in the prewash de-
tergent compartment (B).



Use of detergent tablets

Put the detergent tablet in the detergent dispenser (A).
Detergent tablets contain:
• detergent
• rinse aid

• other cleaning agents.
Do these steps to use detergent tablets:
1. Make sure that the detergent tablets are applicable

for your water hardness. Refer to the instructions
from the manufacturer.

2. Set the lowest levels of water hardness and rinse

aid dosage.

It is not necessary to fill the salt container and the
rinse aid dispenser.

Do these steps when the drying results are not

1. Fill the rinse aid dispenser with rinse aid.
2. Set the rinse aid dosage to position 2.

Do these steps to use the detergent powder again:
1. Fill the salt container and the rinse aid dispenser.
2. Set the water softener to the highest level.
3. Do a washing programme without dishes.
4. Adjust the water softener. Refer to the chapter

'Setting the water softener'.

5. Adjust the rinse aid dosage.

Different brands of detergent dissolve in different
times. Some detergent tablets do not have the

best cleaning results during short washing pro-
grammes. Use long washing programmes when you
use detergent tablets to fully remove the detergent.

Setting and starting a washing programme

Do these steps to set and start a washing programme:
1. Close the door.
2. Turn the programme knob to set the washing pro-

gramme. Refer to the chapter 'Washing pro-
– The on/off indicator light comes on.
– The phase indicator light for the washing pro-

gramme starts to flash.

3. Press the start/cancel button.

– The washing programme starts automatically.
– The start/cancel indicator light comes on.
– When the programme starts, only the phase in

progress indicator light stays on.

When the washing programme operates, you
cannot change the programme. Cancel the wash-

ing programme.

Warning! Only interrupt or cancel a washing
programme if necessary.

Caution! Open the door carefully. Hot steam can
come free.