ZANKER ZKI1530 User Manual

Page 29

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Fault code and malfunction

Possible cause and solution

• continuous flash of the start/cancel

indicator light

• 2 flashes of the end indicator light
The dishwasher will not drain

• There is a blockage in the sink spigot.

Clean the sink spigot.

• The connection of the water drain hose is not correct. The hose

can be kinked or squashed.
Make sure that the connection is correct.

• continuous flash of the start/cancel

indicator light

• 3 flashes of the end indicator light
The anti-flood device operates

• Close the water tap and contact your local Service Force Centre.

The programme does not start

• The appliance door is not closed.

Close the door.

• Mains plug is not connected in.

Put in the mains.

• The fuse has blown out in the household fuse box.

Replace the fuse.

• Delay start is set.

Cancel the delay start to start the programme immediately.

After the check, switch on the appliance. The pro-
gramme continues from the point of interruption. If the
malfunction shows again, contact your Service Force
These data are necessary to help you quickly and cor-
• Model (Mod.)

• Product number (PNC)
• Serial number (S.N.)
For these data, refer to the rating plate.
Write the necessary data here:
Model description : ..........
Product number : ..........
Serial number : ..........

The cleaning results are not satisfactory

The dishes are not clean

• The selected washing programme is not applicable for the type of load

and soil.

• The baskets are loaded incorrectly so that water cannot reach all surfaces.
• Spray arms do not turn freely because of incorrect arrangement of the


• The filters are dirty or not correctly installed.
• The quantity of detergent is too little or missing.

Limescales particles on the

• The salt container is empty.
• The water softener is adjusted on a wrong level.
• The salt container cap is not closed correctly.

The dishes are wet and dull

• No rinse aid has been used.
• The rinse aid dispenser is empty.