What to do if – ZANKER ZKI1530 User Manual

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To remove filters B and
C, turn the handle ap-
proximately 1/4 anti-


Remove the flat filter A
from the bottom of the ap-


Put the flat filter A in the
bottom of the appliance.
Install the flat filter cor-
rectly under the two
guides D.


Put the filter system in po-
sition. To lock the filter
system, turn the handle
clockwise until it locks in

Important! Do not remove the spray arms.

If the holes in the spray arms become clogged, remove
remaining parts of soil with a cocktail stick.

External cleaning

Clean the external surfaces of the appliance and con-
trol panel with a damp soft cloth. Only use neutral de-
tergents. Do not use abrasive products, scouring pads
or solvents (acetone, trichloroethylene etc...).

Frost precautions

Caution! Do not install the appliance where the
temperature is below 0 °C. The manufacturer is

not responsible for damage because of frost.

If not possible, empty the appliance and close the door.
Disconnect the water inlet hose and remove water from
the water inlet hose.

What to do if…

The appliance does not start or stops during operation.

If there is a fault, first try to find a solution to the problem
yourself. If you cannot find a solution to the problem
yourself, contact the Service Force Centre.

Fault code and malfunction

Possible cause and solution

• continuous flash of the start/cancel

indicator light

• 1 flash of the end indicator light
The dishwasher does not fill with water

• The water tap is blocked or furred with limescale.

Clean the water tap.

• The water tap is closed.

Open the water tap.

• The filter in the water inlet hose is blocked.

Clean the filter.

• The connection of the water inlet hose is not correct. The hose

can be kinked or squashed.
Make sure that the connection is correct.