Cable connections – UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 2 Installation Planning


Rear Panel

Figure 3

Rear Panel

ADSL port -

Connect to the

ADSL line

Ethernet port - to your

PC’s Ethernet port

Factory Reset


Power input - Connect

power adapter here

Cable Connections

After verifying proper environmental conditions such as
temperature, humidity and power supply, users may start the
cable connections as following.

Connecting the ADSL Line

Use the ADSL cable included with the UT-300R2 to connect it
to a telephone wall socket or receptacle. Plug one end of the
cable into the ADSL port (RJ-11 receptacle) on the rear panel of
the UT-300R2 and insert the other end into the RJ-11 wall
socket. If you are using a low pass filter device, follow the
instructions included with the device or given to you by your
service provider. The ADSL connection represents the WAN
interface, the connection to the Internet. It is the physical link to
the service provider’s network backbone and ultimately to the