UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 4 Web-based Management

Configuring a Routed/Bridged Connection for the WAN

A routed bridged connection between your ISP and your LAN
(the computers in your house or office) is useful if packets sent
from the LAN to the WAN through the UT-300R2 must cross
part of another network in your ISP’s installation, before arriving
at a specific computer or network device, specified by an IP
address. Your ISP will need to give you the specific

IP Address


Subnet Mask

, and Default Gateway address that packets

destined for the Internet must be sent to. The UT-300R2 will
then manage both the necessary format conversion and direct
the outgoing packets to the destination you specify.

For a routed/bridged connection it will be necessary for most
users to install additional software (supplied by your ISP) on
any computer that will use the UT-300R2 for Internet access.
The additional software is used for the purpose of identifying
and verifying your account, and then granting Internet access to
the computer requesting the connection (that is, the software
supplied by your ISP will handle giving your Username and
Password to the computer at your ISP that will then connect you
to the Internet). The connection software requires the user to
enter the User Name and Password for the ISP account. This
information is stored on the computer on the LAN, not in the
UT-300R2 for a bridged connection.

Follow the instructions below to configure a Routed/Bridged
connection for the WAN interface.