Dns server setting – UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 4 Web-based Management

the IP address of the UT-300R2, you must change the range of
IP addresses in the pool used for DHCP on the LAN.

Use the UT-300R2 for DHCP

To use the built-in DHCP server, click to select the



option if it is not already selected. The IP Address Pool

settings can be adjusted so that up to 253IP addresses are
available for use. The

Starting IP Address

is the lowest

available IP address (default = If you change the
IP address of the UT-300R2 this will change automatically to be
1 more that the IP address of the UT-300R2. The

Ending IP


is the highest IP address number in the pool (default = Select the

Lease Time

from the pull-down menu.

This is the amount of time that a workstation is allowed to
reserve an IP address in the pool if the workstation is
disconnected from the network or powered off. Lease time
options vary from 1 hour to 1 week. DHCP client workstations
on your LAN must be properly configured to use DHCP service.
Be sure to save the new settings.

Disabling the DHCP Server

To disable DHCP, click to select the


radio button

under the

DHCP Server

option and click on the



Be sure to save the new settings

DNS Server Setting

The UT-300R2 is configured by default to forward the DNS
server address you enter in the DNS page, shown below, to all
DHCP clients on your LAN. When DNS is enabled, the DNS