UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

Page 44

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Chapter 5 Advanced Configuration / Network Management

the server on your LAN with the Private IP address you specify.
Remember that the Private IP Address must be within the range
specified for your LAN.

The Virtual Server feature employs UDP/TCP port redirection to
direct traffic through the WAN port to specified servers on your
private network. Port redirection can also be used to direct
potentially hazardous packets to a proxy server outside your
firewall. For example, you can configure the UT-300R2 to direct
HTTP packets to a designated HTTP server in the DMZ. You
can define a set of instructions for a specific incoming port or for
a range of incoming ports. Each instruction set or rule is
indexed and can be modified or deleted later as needed.

Virtual server configuration sets can be used together with
complimentary features such as Firewall Rules, and Filters to
improve efficiency and security. Consider how these other
functions will effect the virtual server sets you have configured
and enabled.

The table below describes the configuration settings presented
in the Virtual Server menu.