Configuring a filter rule- mac filters – UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 5 Advanced Configuration / Network Management


To remove any rule from the

IP Filters List

, click on the

trashcan icon for set you want to delete.

To edit any previously entered IP filter rule, click on the Note
pad icon.

Click the


button to put the new rule into effect. Any filter

rule configured in the menu will appear in the Outbound or
Inbound Filters List with the new settings. The UT-300R2 must
save the new settings and reboot before the new rules are

Configuring a Filter Rule- MAC Filters

Select the other radio buttons

MAC Filters

to enter the page of

MAC Filters. This is to deny LAN computers to access the
Internet. You can either manually add a MAC address or select
the MAC address from the list of clients that are currently
connected to the unit.