Virtual server configuration – UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 5 Advanced Configuration / Network Management


Directory Configuration and Read-only Menus


This page allows you to configure r\the UT-300R2

ADSL router to allow applications that require multiple

connections such as Internet gaming, video

conferencing, Internet telephony, and others that are

unable to work through Network Address Translation



Filters are used to deny or allow access to the Internet

for various PCs on your LAN. The UT-300R2 can

refuse PCs on your LAN access to the Internet based

upon their IP or MAC address, or it can restrict access

to specific web sites.


If your computer cannot run Internet applications

property with the device, then you can enable this

option to allow the computer accessing the

unrestricted Internet. Enter the IP address of the

computer as a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) host. Adding

the computer to the DMZ may expose it under

insecurity risk; thus suggest not use this option unless

no other alternatives.


This page allows you to configure the UT-300R2 to

use the DYNAMIC Domain Name Service (Dynamic

DNS), if you have a previously established account.


This allows you to enable or disable the Routing

Information Protocol (RIP) on PVC’s that allow routing.

Virtual Server Configuration

A Virtual Server can allow remote users to access services to
PCs on your LAN such as FTP for file transfers or SMTP and
POP3 for e-mail. The UT-300R2 will accept remote requests for
these services at your Global IP Address (the one assigned to
your account by your ISP), using the specified TCP or UDP
protocol and port number, and then redirect these requests to