Ddns – UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 5 Advanced Configuration / Network Management



The UT-300R2 supports Dynamic DNS used to share your IP
address that is assigned by your ISP, dynamically. Since your
ISP assigns an IP address that changes, if you want PCs from
the WAN (Internet) to be able to find servers on your LAN, you
can establish an account with a DDNS service provider. The
Dynamic DNS service updates your IP address

as it is

changed and assigned by your ISP

and then updates a link

between your new IP address and an existing URL. In this way,
if a user on the Internet types in your URL, then that user’s PC
will still be able to find your web site, even though your IP
address has changed.

Figure 27

DDNS menu

You must establish an account with one of the supported DDNS
service providers to use this feature.