1overview – UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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The UT-300R2 provides integrated voice and data services over
ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop) WAN (Wide Area
Network) connection.

Device Introduction

The UT-300R2 ADSL UT-300R2 is designed to provide a
simple and cost-effective ADSL Internet connection for
individual computers through the Ethernet ports, or use it to
bridge your Ethernet LAN to the Internet. The UT-300R2
combines the benefits of high-speed ADSL technology and LAN
IP management in one compact and convenient package.
ADSL technology enables many interactive multi-media
applications such as video conferencing and collaborative

The UT-300R2 is easy to install and use. The UT-300R2
connects to computers or an Ethernet LAN via a standard
Ethernet interface. The ADSL connection is made using
ordinary twisted-pair telephone line with standard connectors.
Multiple PCs can be networked and connected to the Internet
using a single Wide Area Network (WAN) interface and single
global IP address.