Special application configuration – UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 5 Advanced Configuration / Network Management


Directory Configuration and Read-only Menus



The Public Port is the TCP/UDP port on the WAN

interface. Select one of the following options from the

pull-down menu to define a Single Port, Range of Port,

Any port or Safe Ports (port above 1024). If you are

redirecting a single standard TCP/UDP port from the

WAN to the LAN, select the Single Port option and use

the standard port number here(such as port 23 for

Telnet or port 25 for SMTP.) If choose the Any Port

option, all TCP/UDP traffic will be directed as specified.

Schedule This allows you to select between Always or a timed

basis for the Virtual server entry to be enabled.

Click the


button to put the new virtual server

configuration set or modification into effect. Any server sets
configured in the menu will appear in the Virtual Server List with
the new settings. The UT-300R2 must save the new settings
and reboot before the new virtual server configurations are

To remove any configuration set from the Virtual Server List,
click on the trashcan icon for set you want to delete.

Special Application Configuration

Some applications (programs on your PCs) require multiple
TCP/UDP connections to the Internet. Internet games, video
conferencing, and Internet telephony are examples of such
applications. These type of applications can not work with
Network Address Translation (NAT). If you want to use such
applications on your LAN, you will need to make an entery for