Save ut-300r2 configuration settings – UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 6 Tools


Figure 30

Time Settings Menu

If you opt to use the Automatic option you must have an IP
address of an available SNTP server. Date settings use the
format Year/Month/Date, Time settings use the format Hour (24
hour clock)/ Minute/ Second.

Click the


to set the Date and Time settings.

Save UT-300R2 Configuration Settings

When you have completed configuration of the UT-300R2,
make sure you save the current configuration settings to flash
memory or risk losing the settings. To save the current
configuration settings, click the


menu button to view the

Miscellaneous Configuration

menu and click the

Save and


button. The current settings will be saved to NV-RAM

and the system will restart. Do not turn off the UT-300R2 during