UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 2 Installation Planning

Connecting the UT-300R2 to the Ethernet LAN

The UT-300R2 may be connected to a single computer or
Ethernet device through the 10BASE-TX Ethernet port on the
rear panel. Any connection to an Ethernet concentrating device
such as a switch or hub must operate at a speed of 10/100
Mbps only. When connecting the UT-300R2 to any Ethernet
device that is capable of operating at speeds higher than
10Mbps, be sure that the device has auto-negotiation (NWay)
enabled for the connecting port.

Use standard twisted-pair cable with RJ-45 connectors. The RJ-
45 port on the UT-300R2 is a crossed port (MDI-X). Follow
standard Ethernet guidelines when deciding what type of cable
to use to make this connection. When connecting the UT-300R2
directly to a PC or server use a normal straight-through cable.
You should use a crossed cable when connecting the UT-
300R2 to a normal (MDI-X) port on a switch or hub. Use a
normal straight-through cable when connecting it to an uplink
(MDI-II) port on a hub or switch.

The rules governing Ethernet cable lengths apply to the LAN to
UT-300R2 connection. Be sure that the cable connecting the
LAN to the UT-300R2 does not exceed 100 meters.