UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 4 Web-based Management


Figure 9

WAN Setting

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Note: you can configure up to seven different connections on

your UT-300R2 ADSL Modem/UT-300R2 by assigning a
number to each configuration using the drop-down menu
corresponding to the PVC Number heading. This could be
useful if you have several ISPs and need to configure the UT-
300R2 differently for each. Most users will require only single
PVC, however.

Configuring a Bridged Connection for the WAN

A bridged connection between your ISP and your LAN (the
computers in your house or office) is the simplest type of
connection possible. The UT-300R2 will simply convert the
incoming and outgoing packets to the correct format for each
side of the connection (Ethernet for the LAN, ATM for the WAN).

For a bridged connection it will be necessary for most users to
install additional software (supplied by your ISP) on any
computer that will use the UT-300R2 for Internet access. The
additional software is used for the purpose of identifying and