UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 4 Web-based Management

verifying your account, and then granting Internet access to the
computer requesting the connection (that is, the software
supplied by your ISP will handle giving your Username and
Password to the computer at your ISP that will then connect you
to the Internet). The connection software requires the user to
enter the User Name and Password for the ISP account. This
information is stored on the computer on the LAN, not in the
UT-300R2 for a bridged connection.

Follow the instructions below to configure a Bridged connection
for the WAN interface.

Figure 10

WAN Settings Menu – Pure Bridged Mode

Note: Please note that the menu shown above will change

depending on which WAN Type and Connection Type you


Click to select the


radio button in the

WAN Type

options list if your ISP uses DHCP to assign

you an IP address that is valid on the WAN (Internet). This
is the most common type of bridged connection offered by