Set up tcp/ip on your pc – UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Before Configuring UT-300R2

The factory default settings of UT-300R2 optimized all functions
so as to enable it to operate on most network conditions.
Usually, for the users with simple network topology, the default
settings can meet the basic requirements and don’t need to
change. In order to access the web-based software built into
the UT-300R2, you should check the IP settings on your
computer and change them if necessary to access web-based
manager to configure the device.

Set up TCP/IP on Your PC

In order to configure your system to receive IP settings from the
UT-300R2 it must first have the TCP/IP protocol installed. If you
have an Ethernet port on your computer, it probably already has
TCP/IP protocol installed. Please follow the instructions to
check your IP protocol:


In Windows task bar, click the


button, point to

Settings>Network and Dial-up Connection

> and click on

Local Connection.


Click on


> Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

and then Click




Click on the button labeled

use the following IP address,

then you can set the IP address and Subnet mask, for
example, and