UTStarcom UT-300R2 User Manual

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Chapter 4 Web-based Management

Whenever a computer on your LAN attempts to access the
Internet, the UT-300R2 will use this PVC to direct packets
to the Internet, and this PVC will become the default
gateway to the Internet for your LAN.


Under the


heading, select either LLC or

VcMux, as instructed by your ISP.


When you are satisfied that all the WAN settings are
configured correctly, click on the




The new settings must be saved and the UT-300R2 must
be restarted for the settings to go into effect. To manually
save and reboot the UT-300R2, click on the


directory tab and then click the


menu button. On

the menu that appears, click he

Save & Restart


The UT-300R2 will save the new settings and restart.
Upon restarting the UT-300R2 will automatically establish
the bridged WAN connection.

Static IP Address for WAN

When a PVC (of the available list of seven) on the UT-300R2 is
configured to use a Static IP Address assignment for the WAN
connection, you must manually assign a global IP Address,
Subnet Mask and Gateway IP Address used for the WAN
connection provided by this PVC. Most users will also need to
configure a DNS server IP setting in the DNS Settings
configuration menu (see below). Follow the instruction below to
configure the UT-300R2 to use Static IP Address assignment
for the WAN connection.