Swarovski Optik NC 2 User Manual

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Functional test

If no image appears in your NC 2 after having been
switched on, proceed according to the following
• In case the screen does not illuminate:
1. Lens aperture set on position c: Set the lens

aperture to its largest value (smallest f-stop

2. Batteries ran out of capacity: Remove both

batteries and put them back in according to
the point “Inserting the batteries”. In the event
that the screen still does not illuminate, insert
fully new batteries. If the screen still does not
illuminate, the instrument is defective. Send the
instrument in to be repaired.

• In case the screen radiates a great deal of


Check whether the cap on the objective lens

side was taken off and the objective lens aper-
ture is open (i.e. has a small f-shop). Check the
light conditions of the scene to be observed. In
complete darkness (under 0.1 mlx) the image
intensifier tube cannot produce sufficient image
contrast and the image begins to radiate noise.

• Black spots are visible on the screen: check

whether the cover glass is dirty.

maintenance and care

Clean dirty optical elements initially with a dust
brush or a soft cloth and then with a special optical
lens cleaning tissue. For hard-to-remove dirt first
breathe on the lens to moisten it.

Pay attention to the following:
• Keep glass surfaces free of oil and grease.
• Do not touch glass surfaces.
• Avoid scratches on glass surfaces.


camera adapter

As a special accessory we offer a camera adapter
which can be screwed onto the NC 2 in the place
of the eye cup to allow photography with a mirror
reflex camera.

SwArovSkI optIk cleaning Set

The SWAROVSKI OPTIK Cleaning Set has a belt
pouch and includes moist cleaning wipes, a
cleaning brush and cleaning fluid plus a microfibre
Careful and regular use of high-quality cleaning
materials increases the service life of your pro-

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