Swarovski Optik NC 2 User Manual

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• The SWAROVSKI OPTIK NC 2 was developed
for night observation using the principle of light
• For observation there is no additional illuminati-
on required, but that only available residual light
(e.g. stars, moon or light from distant cities) is
• In the event that this available residual light
is not enough for light intensification, the NC 2
is equipped with an infrared light source which
additionally illuminates an object in the proximity
of the instrument.
• Possible impurities on the tube screen, as for
example spots, etc. are permissible within the
scope of internationally valid standards and in no
way impair the function of these instruments.
• The C-mount connection (on the objective lens
side) allows use of not only video- or TV-lenses,
but also camera lenses. The latter requires only an
adapter ring, which is available in camera shops.
• By means of a tripod connection you have the
possibility of mounting your NC 2 on any commer-
cially available tripod. In the event that the tripod
has a 3/8˝ thread instead of a 1/4˝ thread, you
need only unscrew the insert in the tripod connec-
tion (e.g. by using a coin).


The NC 2 consists of a body
and a separate objective
lens with an adapter ring
and a lens cap.

• Remove the cap on the
body (objective lens side).
• Screw the adapter ring
delivered with the objective
lens onto the body so that
the sealing ring (O-ring) is
towards the body.

• Screw on the respective objective lens and set
the aperture to the greatest value (this corre-
sponds to the smallest aperture or f-stop value).
• You can attach the objective lens cap by means
of a short turn on the adapter ring.

Inserting the batteries

• To remove the battery
cover turn the screw of
the cover (e.g. with a coin)
counter-clockwise and
remove the cover.