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CMAG dig 0511

hazardous substances or under water.
Please observe the operating instructions for any accessories used.
The socket for the mains cord must be easily accessible.
Ensure that the external temperature sensor PT 1000 is inserted
in the media to a depth of at least 20 mm.
The external temperature sensor PT 1000 must always be inser-
ted in the media when connected.
The appliance can only be disconnected from the mains supply
by pulling out the mains plug or the connector plug.
Safe operation is only guaranteed with the accessories described
in the ”Accessories” chapter.
Always disconnect the plug before fitting accessories.
Accessories must be securely attached to the device and cannot
come off by themselves. The centre of gravity of the assembly
must lie within the the set-up surface.
The appliance starts up again automatically following a cut in the
power supply (in operating mode B / C).
The appliance may heat up when in use.

Abrasion of the dispersion equipment or the rotating accessories

can get into the medium you are working on.

When using PTFE-coated magnetic bars, the following has to be
noted: Chemical reactions of PTFE occur in contact with molten or
dissolved alkaline and alkaline - earth metals, as well as with fine-
particled powders of metals of the 2. and 3. group of the periodical
system at temperatures above 300-400 °C. Only elementary fluo-
rine, chlorine trifluoride und alkaline metals do attack PTFE, halogen
hydrocarbons have a reversibly swelling effect.

Source: Römpps Chemie-Lexikon and „Ullmann“ Bd.19

To the protection of the equipment
The appliance may only be opened by experts.
The voltage stated on the nameplate must correspond to the
mains voltage.
Do not cover the device, even partially e.g. with metallic plates
or film. This results in overheating.
Protect the appliance and accessories from bumps and impacts.
Ensure that the base plate is kept clean.
Observe the minimum distances between devices, between the
device and the wall and above the assembly (min. 800 mm).


- Please unpack the device carefully
- In the case of any damage a fact report must be set

immediately (post, rail or forwarder)

Delivery scope

- Heating magnetic stirrer

- PT 1000

- Mains cable

- Operating instructions



For mixing and/or heating liquids

Range of use

- Laboratories - Schools - Pharmacies

This device is suitable for use in all areas except:
- Residential areas
- Areas that are connected directly to a low-voltage supply network
that also supplies residential areas.

The safety of the user cannot be guaranteed if the appliance is
operated with accessories that are not supplied or recommended
by the manufacturer or if the appliance is operated improperly con-
trary to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Correct use

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