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CMAG dig 0511


CE - Declaration of conformity


Safety instructions




Correct use


Setting operating modes


Safe temperature limit


Setting HI TEMP






Error codes




Assembling the support rod




Technical data


To your protection
• Read the operating instructions in full before starting up and
follow the safety instructions.
Keep the operating instructions in a place where they can be
accessed by everyone.
Ensure that only trained staff work with the appliance.
Follow the safety instructions, guidelines, occupational health
and safety and accident prevention regulations.
Socket must be earthed (protective ground contact).
• Attention-Magnetism! Effects of the magnetic field have to be
taken into account (e.g. data cardiatic, carriers pacemakers...).
• Risk of burns! Exercise caution when touching the housing parts and
the heating plate. The heating plate can reach temperatures in excess
of 500 °C. Pay attention to the residual heat after switching off.
Please make sure that the mains cable does not contact the
heating plate.

Wear your personal protective equipment in accordance with the hazard
category of the medium to be processed. Otherwise there is a risk of:
- splashing liquids
- projectile parts
- release any toxic or combustable gases.
Set up the appliance in a spacious area on an even, stable, clean,
non-slip, dry and fireproof surface.
The feet of the appliance must be clean and undamaged.
Position the knob at the left stop before starting up. Gradually
increase the speed.
Reduce the speed if
- the medium splashes out of the vessel because the speed is

too high

- the appliance is not running smoothly
- the container moves on the set-up surface.
• Caution! Only process and heat up any media that has a flash
point higher than the adjusted target temperature (0 to 550 °C) that
has been set.

The target temperature must always be set to at least 25 °C

lower than the fire point of the media used.
Check the appliance and accessories beforehand for damage
each time you use them. Do not use damaged components.
Only replace damaged parts with spare parts identical to the ori-
ginal in function and quality.
Do not use the device if the ceramic set-up surface is damaged
e.g. scratches, splinters or corrosion. A damaged set-up surface
could break if used.
Beware of the risk of

- flammable materials
- glass breakage
- incorrect container size
- too much medium
- unsafe condition of container

Only process media that will not react dangerously to the extra
energy produced through processing. This also applies to any extra
energy produced in other ways, e.g. through light irradiation.
Process pathogenic materials only in closed vessels under a suit-
able extractor hood. Please contact IKA if you have any questions.
• Do not operate the appliance in explosive atmospheres, with


Safety instructions


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