IKA C-MAG HS 10 digital User Manual

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CMAG dig 0511

Operating the device in mode A, B or C
The mode selected will be shown on the display (J).

Operating mode A
The target temperature selected will be reset to 0 °C if the device
is switched off or disconnected from the power supply. The hea-
ting function will be set to OFF when the device is powered on.
• Heating is only possible in connection with the temperature sensor

PT 1000.

• Setting the HI TEMP-function is possible.

Factory setting: mode A

Operating mode B
All settings will be stored if the device is switched off or dis-
connected from the power supply.
• Heating is possible without the temperature sensor PT 1000.

The target temperature selected corresponds to the heating
plate temperature.

• Setting the HI TEMP - function is not possible.

Operating mode C
All settings will be stored if the device is switched off or dis-
connected from the power supply.
Functions see mode B.
The settings are preset and not changeable.
For changing the settings select the operating mode A or B.
Changing the operating mode
The operating modes can only be selected successively!

• Put device switch (A) in the OFF position
• Press and hold the rotating knob (B)
• Put device switch (A) in the ON position
• Release the rotating knob (B) when fig. 1 is indicated on the display

• Sequence A-B-C-A-B-C-A etc.

The temperature set for the heating plate (maximum 550 °C) will
be limited by a preset safe temperature limiter. The heating func-
tion will be set to OFF if this temperature limit is reached.

Warning! The safe temperature limit must always be set at

least 25 °C lower than the flash point of the media to be

HI TEMP limits the adjustable target temperature .

Atfer switching on the device the display indicates the value 500 °C
instead of the atual temperature (K) and the blinking signal SET
next to the symbol HI TEMP (N).

The target temperature max. (L) can be set in the range of 0-550 °C
by turning the rotating knob TEMP as long as the the signal SET

In accordance with IKA warranty conditions, the warranty period
is 24 months. For claims under the warranty please contact your
local dealer. You may also send the machine direct to our works,
enclosing the delivery invoice and giving reasons for the claim.
You will be liable for freight costs.

The warranty does not cover wearing parts, nor does it apply to
faults resulting from improper use or insufficient care and main-
tenance contrary to the instructions in this operating manual.

Setting operating mode

Safe temperature limit

Setting HI TEMP


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