Wheel bearings, Grease fittings, Wheel bearings -4 – Kinze 3140 Stack Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 110: Grease fittings -4

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Model 3140




Lubrication and Maintenance

12 Row 38" Shown


All drive, transport, and marker hub wheel bearings should be repacked annually and checked for wear.

1. Raise wheel off ground.

2. Check for bearing endplay by moving wheel side to side.

3. Rotate wheel to check for bearing roughness. If bearings sound rough, remove hub and inspect bearings.

NOTE: To repack wheel hubs, follow procedure outlined for wheel bearing replacement except bearings and
bearing cups are reused.


Parts equipped with grease fittings should be lubricated at frequency indicated with an SAE multipurpose grease.
Clean fitting thoroughly before using grease gun. Frequency of lubrication recommended is based on normal operating
conditions. Severe or unusual conditions may require more frequent attention.

NOTE: Numbers on photo below correspond to photos on following pages showing lubrication frequencies.

2. Wing Hinge - 2 Zerks Per Hinge Area

1. Row Markers - 4 Zerks Per Assembly On 8

Row 38"/40" And 12 Row 30" Sizes. 2 Zerks
Per Assembly On 12 Row 36"/38", 12 Row
38"/40" And 16 Row 30" Sizes.