Tractor requirements, Tractor preparation and hookup – Kinze 3140 Stack Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3140




Machine Operation


1. Set tractor rear wheel spacing at double the planter row spacing. For example: On a planter set for 38" rows, set the

tractor wheel spacing at 76" center-to-center. On wide front end tractors set front wheel spacing equal to rear wheel
spacing. Check tractor operator’s manual for correct front and rear tire pressure.

2. Adjust lift links on tractor so the planter will lift level from side to side and raise high enough for planter transport

clearance. Set the sway blocks on the tractor in position to prevent side sway. Be sure the individual lift link arms are
in the float position.


Approximate minimum tractor horsepower (HP) required for field work is listed below:

12 Row Narrow - 150 HP And Up
12 Row Wide And 16 Row Narrow - 180 HP And Up

NOTE: Tractor must have adequate 3 point hitch lift capacity to lift weight of machine, attachments, seed and
dry chemicals. Shipping weights do not include seed, dry chemicals or additional optional attachments.

Tractor front end stability is necessary for safe and efficient operation. Therefore, it may be necessary to add front
ballast to your tractor for satisfactory field operation, as well as adequate transport stability. Refer to your tractor
operator’s manual for front ballast recommendations.


A 12 volt DC electrical system is required on all sizes to operate planter safety/warning lights.

One SCV remote hydraulic outlet is required to operate the row markers, one to operate planter fold and one plus a
zero pressure case drain is required to operate the seed metering system vacuum fan.

Maximum hydraulic flow rate of 13 GPM @ 2000 PSI is required to operate the seed metering system vacuum fan.

NOTE: A Flow Control Needle Valve Kit, to provide a flow
control option for tractors that are not equipped with a
method for finite adjustment of hydraulic flow, is available
from Kinze Repair Parts through your Kinze Dealer.

g1K426 Needle Valve Kit