Row marker hydraulic operation, Row marker speed adjustment – Kinze 3140 Stack Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3140




Machine Operation


Flow control valves located in the marker sequencing/flow

control valve assembly control lowering and raising speed of

markers. One flow control valve sets lowering speed of both

markers and one sets raising speed of both markers. To adjust

marker speed, loosen jam nut and turn control(s) clockwise,

or IN to slow travel speed and counterclockwise, or OUT, to

increase travel speed. Flow control(s) determine amount of oil

flow restriction through valves, therefore varying travel speed of

markers. Tighten jam nut after adjustments are complete.

NOTE: Backing flow control valve out too far can cause the o-ring seal on valve to fail when hydraulics are operated.


The flow controls should be properly adjusted before the marker

assemblies are first put into use. Excessive marker travel speed can

damage the marker assembly.


To avoid serious injury or death, care must be taken when operating
row markers around overhead power lines.

NOTE: when oil is cold, hydraulics operate slowly. Make sure all adjustments are made with warm oil. Do not

overtighten lock nut.

NOTE: On a tractor where oil flow can not be controlled, the rate of flow of oil from tractor may be greater

than rate at which the marker cylinder can accept oil. Tractor hydraulic control lever will have to be held until

cylinder reaches end of its stroke. This occurs most often on tractors with open center hydraulic systems. On

tractors with closed center hydraulic systems, the tractor’s hydraulic flow control can be set so the tractor’s

detent will function properly.



Always stand clear of marker assemblies and blades when planter

is operating.


To avoid serious injury or death, care must be taken when operating
row markers around overhead power lines.

The single valve marker system uses a sequencing valve which directs hydraulic flow to operate the markers

alternately. Each time a marker is raised, the sequencing valve will direct flow to lower the opposite marker.

Both markers can be used at the same time if desired. To do this, lower the planter and the marker that has been

selected. Move the tractor SCV control to the raise position and immediately return it to the lower position. This will

shift the marker control valve and the remaining marker will be lowered.



Flow Control
Marker Lower

Flow Control
Marker Raise