Seed meter cleanout, Seed meter cleanout -11 – Kinze 3140 Stack Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3140




Row Unit Operation

With vacuum hose connected and vacuum fan operating, remove vacuum cover and seed disc as an assembly.
Inspect seed discs for proper seed fill.

See “EdgeVac Seed Metering System Troubleshooting” in Troubleshooting section.

Remove vacuum cover and seed disc

Check seed fill


NOTE: Use of damaged seed or seed containing foreign material will cause plugging of seed cell orifices and
require more frequent seed meter cleanout to prevent underplanting.

Thorough seed meter cleanout is important to maintain genetic purity.

1. Disengage seed drive and remove seed hopper and meter.

2. Dump seed from right rear corner of hopper into a container.

3. (Mechanical) Disassemble seed disc by removing wing nuts.

(EdgeVac) Lay hopper on its right side. Rotate seed meter vacuum cover clockwise to align keyhole slots with bolt
heads. Lift off cover. Remove seed disc.

4. Empty Meter.

4. Thoroughly inspect brushes in meter to ensure all seed is removed.

5. Replace seed disc. (Mechanical) Install wing nuts. (EdgeVac) Install Vacuum cover.

4. Adjust vacuum level to initial setting according to tables on page.

NOTE: Vacuum reading will be much lower when seed disc cells are empty. Load all seed cells before setting
vacuum level.

NOTE: Operate vacuum fan 3-5 minutes to bring oil up to normal operating temperature prior to making final
vacuum level adjustment.

5. Perform optional seed disc fill check.