Dual lift assist wheels, Accumulator, Dual lift assist wheels -19 accumulator -19 – Kinze 3140 Stack Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3140




Machine Operation


Dual lift assist wheel equipped machines require use of a quick hitch (customer-supplied) and the top link pin is not used.

A single control valve operates the dual lift assist wheels.

When raising a planter equipped with dual lift assist wheels, the front of the planter should raise and then the back
using the lift assist wheels to raise the rear of the planter. When lowering the planter, the lift assist wheels should
begin to lower the rear of the planter before lowering the front of the planter.

If the machine is equipped with both the Dual Lift Assist Wheel Package and Wing Down Flex Cylinder Package, a
single control valve operates both options. As the dual lift assist wheel cylinders extend to raise the toolbar, the wing
down flex cylinders retract to flex the wings up 5° for added clearance when turning.

The flow control valve must be adjusted so that the wing down flex cylinders start to retract before the lift assist
cylinders start to raise the toolbar. This will prevent the wings from drooping as the toolbar is raised.

Dual lift assist wheels hydraulics can also be plumbed into the 3 point lift circuit. A flow control valve determines the
correct sequence of events to allow the dual lift assist wheel cylinders to operate at the correct time in conjunction with
the 3 point hitch lift circuit. See “Flow Control Valve Adjustment”.

See “Tractor Preparation And Hookup” for additional information.


An accumulator is standard in Dual Lift Assist Wheel Packages for Model 3140 Stack Folding 16 Row 30" Planters to
absorb shock loads to the lift assist wheel arms during transport.

After initial dealer installation no maintenance should be necessary on the sealed system.


Do not disassemble accumulator. See dealer for service. Note

manufacturer’s caution decal on accumulator.