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Machine Operation

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Top View Of Control box

30 Tooth Driven Sprocket

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The optional Two-Speed Point Row Clutch Package is designed to allow on-the-go population rate adjustment as well
as the capability to shut off either half of the planter for finishing up fields or for long point row situations.

The point row clutches are controlled by the point row clutch
switches on the control box. The point row switch is used to
shut off either the left or right half of the planter. Activating
the reduced rate switch engages one solenoid on each clutch
assembly and reduces the planting rate for the entire planter.

NOTE: Point row switch should be left in OFF position and
rate switch left in FULL RATE position when planter is not
in use. If left in ON and/or REDUCED RATE positions, the
tractor battery will be discharged.

The ratio of population reduction is determined by the sprocket
ratio between the drive and driven sprockets at the contact
drive tire. A rate reduction decal like the one shown below is
located on the wheel module.

Two-Speed Clutch Assembly

Left Side Of Planter Viewed From Rear Of Planter