Digital vacuum gauge operation, Analog vacuum gauge, Vacuum fan motor valve block assembly – Kinze 3140 Stack Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3140




Machine Operation


The digital vacuum gauge console is equipped with an ON-
OFF-ON type selector switch. The “FAN 1” setting should be
used when the planter is equipped with one vacuum fan.

NOTE: The toggle switch should be left in OFF position
when the planter is not in use. If left in either fan position,
the tractor battery will be drained.

The digital vacuum gauge is calibrated at the factory, however, vacuum variation throughout the manifold system can
occur. It may be necessary to adjust the digital readout so it agrees with the actual vacuum at the meter. With the
seed discs loaded with seed, compare the digital vacuum gauge readout to the reading taken from the analog gauge
or a hand held gauge at several meters along the length of the planter. The elbows located on the covers of the seed
meters allow testing of meter vacuum levels without removing the vacuum hoses. If there is more difference than 1" or
2" (H


O), the digital gauge can be adjusted by inserting a small flat bladed screwdriver into the opening on the back of

the digital gauge housing and turning the potentiometer until the digital gauge displays the vacuum that is present at
the meter. Compare readings at 10" and 20" of vacuum.


The analog vacuum or pressure gauge connects directly to the
EdgeVac (vacuum) manifold and is teed into the digital sending

Only adjustment is to “zero” needle with no vacuum or
pressure present. If there is a significant difference between
gauge and a reading taken at meters, a different manifold
location should be found to connect hose to gauge and digital
sending unit.

Analog gauge


A pressure relief valve in the hydraulic circuit prevents build up of oil pressure over 35 PSI in case drain line when
vacuum fan motor is operating. This valve will vent oil outside valve block through a drain hole in the aluminum valve
block. This can occur whenever case drain is improperly connected or pressure in motor circuit builds.

See “Hydraulic Diagram - Vacuum Fan Motor System” in Lubrication and Maintenance section.

Valve block contains a check valve that prevents vacuum fan from operating in wrong direction if pressure is applied to
return side of motor and allows fan to coast to a stop when tractor hydraulic control is returned to neutral position.

NOTE: Fan turns at a reduced speed If reverse pressure is applied.