Kinze 3140 Stack Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3140




Machine Operation

4. The planter is equipped with safety/warning lights which should be used whenever the planter is being transported.

The connector is a 7 terminal breakaway connector conforming to ASAE standards. If your tractor is not equipped
for safety/warning lights, check with your tractor dealer.


Connect harness on planter to digital vacuum gauge console on tractor. Connect power lead from digital vacuum
gauge console to power source. A power lead adapter may be required.


Pressurized hydraulic fluid can penetrate body tissue and result in
death, serious infection, or other injuries. Fluid injected under skin
must be IMMEDIATELY removed by a surgeon familiar with this
type of injury. Make sure connections are tight and hoses and
fittings are not damaged before applying system pressure. Leaks
can be invisible. Keep away from suspected leaks. Relieve pressure
before connecting or disconnecting tractor, searching for leaks, or
performing any system maintenance.


wipe hose ends to remove any dirt before connecting couplers to
tractor ports or contamination may cause equipment failure.

5. Connect hydraulic hoses to tractor ports in a sequence that is both familiar and comfortable to the operator. See

“Hydraulic Operation”.

Before attaching hoses, move tractor SCV levers back and forth to relieve any pressure in the tractor hydraulic system.

The EdgeVac seed metering system vacuum fan operation hydraulic hoses are as follows:


before the markers are operated, make sure all marker lockups are
in working position.


before applying pressure to the hydraulic system, make sure all con-
nections are tight and that hoses and fittings have not been damaged.
Hydraulic fluid escaping under pressure can have sufficient force to
penetrate skin causing injury or infection.

" Hose From Motor -

Case Drain


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