Kinze 3140 Stack Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3140




Machine Operation

6. With planter on a level surface, raise the planter slowly and watch for any interference.

When raising a planter equipped with dual lift assist wheels, the front of the planter should raise and then the
back using the lift assist wheels to raise the rear of the planter. When lowering the planter, the lift assist wheels
should begin to lower the rear of the planter before lowering the front of the planter. If the dual lift assist wheels
are plumbed into the 3 point hitch lift circuit, adjust the flow control valve so the rear of the planter lowers before
the front of the planter and the front of the planter raises before the rear of the planter. See “Flow Control Valve
Adjustment”. With planter lowered to planting position, adjust tractor linkage to level the toolbar. See “Leveling The

with planter (equipped with dual lift assist wheels) raised for transport, maintain a minimum of 3" clear-

ance between planter and quick hitch.

On planters equipped with the optional Dual Lift Assist Wheel Package, adjustment holes on the lift assist cylinder
mounts allow for adjustment of lift height.

7. Remove pin from each parking stand and raise each to the transport position. Secure stands in raised position with

pin in lowest hole.

8. Lower the planter so the drive wheels rest on the ground and check to be sure planter is level. Readjust top link as

required to level row units. See “Leveling The Planter”.


As a general safety practice and to avoid damage to the tractor
hydraulic system, always lower the planter when not in use.