Instant pattern buttons, Instant pattern selection – SINGER 2210 Athena User Manual

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Instant Pattern Buttons


This machine makes sewing easier for the
user by providing buttons for instant selec­
tion of the three most used stitches: straight
stitch, /:ig';?:ag, and blind stitch.

• When main power switch is turned on,

straight stitch Is automatically selected.
This stitch is shov^n on the pattern selec­
tion indicator (1).

♦ During any sewing operation, the user

may select one of the three instant ac­
cess stitches by pushing the button (2,3,
or 4) with the picture of the desired stitch

on it.

The operation being interrupted remains

in memory and may be resumed at any
time by following directions given later in
this book.



- mm



♦ Select straight stitch using button (2).

Note display shown on selection indicator


• Select Zig-Zag using button (3). Note

display shov/n on selection indicator (1).

Select blind stitch using button (4). Note
display shown on selection indicator (1).


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