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Adjusting Width

Also, if required, the width of



can be adjusted to sew wider or narrower
buttonholes to suit various sizes of buttons
and different weights of fabric.

To change the standard widtfi press override
button (7), adjust override control (8) and
retest until desired appearance is achieved.
This will not affect the cutting space which
will stay 1 mrn width as progranirmed but­

Programming Length

When you are satisfied with balance, den­

sity and width, proceed to:

• Mark position and length of buttonhole on

fabric sample.

* Line up the marks on the foot (9) with the

marks on the fabric and lower foot.


If for any reason the stitch length or the

balance must be changed, the program­
ming sequence must be repeated.

Press button (1) once.


kü ©O©

I I * © © ©


© ® ©

The symbol (hi) is shown in the pattern

display window and red indicator (10) will

be lit.


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