Replacing slide plate, Diavj – SINGER 2210 Athena User Manual

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♦ Remove neecHe and needle plate.

• Open slide plate and lift out bobbin.

* Using small screwdriver, turn bobbin case

retainer (1) in direction of arrov/ (2) as far
as it will go,

♦ Lift out bobbin case (3).

Using soft brush, brush lint from case and

other mechanical parts in the bobbin area.

♦ Insert case with a back and forth motion

so front of case lies under position plate


♦ With small screwdriver, turn bobbin case

retainer in direction of arrow (5) to lock

case in place.

♦ Iteinsert needle, needle plate, and bobbin

and close slide plate.

Replacing Slide Plate

Should slide plate become detached, replace
as follows:

• Place slide plate in slide way with the

front edge close to, but not covering, the
reiainifig spring (6).

• With a screwdriver, lift each end of spring

into the side grooves on the underside of
the plate,


plate gently towards you to engage

spring, Then, close plate.

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