Changing snap-on presser feet, Changing screw-on presser feet, Feet – SINGER 2210 Athena User Manual

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Changing Snap-on Presser Feet

The accessory feet supplied with the
machine fit onto a common shank and are
attached easily as follows:

« Raise needle to highest point by turning

the handwheel towards the operator.

^ Raise presser foot using lever on rear of


♦ Fusil up on toe of presser foot (1) until it

snaps off shank (2) and remove foot.

Place new foot on needle plate with pin

(3) under center of shank.

Using presser foot lifter, lov/er siiank on­
to pin (3) and push down firmly on presser
foot screw (4) until foot snaps into place

onto shank.

Changing Screw-on Presser Feet

Special feet which have built-in shanks are
replaced as follows:

• {3aise needle and presser foot.

« l,oo$efi presser foot screw (4) with a coin

and remove presser foot with shank (5)

guiding it towards the operator and to the


* To replace foot, fiook It around presser bar

(6) and screw (4). Tighten screw with a

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