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Page 27: Stitch

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When sewing stretch stitch patterns or but­

tonholes, if may occasionally be necessary
to make an adjustment for proper stitch ap-

Using the balance control (1) located on the
fight side of the machine:

• Turn dial counter-clockwise (2) to bring

stitches of the pattern closer together.

» Turn dial clockwise (3) to separate stit­

ches of the pattern.

The dial may be returned to a center posi­

tion each time after sewing stretch stitch pat­
terns or buttoniioles.

Use of this control for buttonholes will be

covered later in the section on buttonholing.

Reverse Stitching

To lock a stitch at the beginning or end
of stitching, press button (1) located above

needle area and hold In as long as reverse
stitching is desired.

Machine will only sew a straight stitch in

reverse no matter what pattern is
selected. Reverse stitching is not operable

when sewing buttonholes, numerals, or


To have substained reverse, press button
(1) once prior to sev/ing. Press the button

a second time for resumption of forward


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