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CLR Button

To use this button:

if no paliern is stored in memory, a short

beep will sound when pressing the “CLR*'

To correct an error:

If a selection error is made, recall the

wrong key number in the display window

by pressing the “RNT* button.

Press the “CLR" button once to delete the

pattern. At this time, the new key number
of the pattern is selected and entered into
the sequence. Recall the memory (MRC).



To clear the pattern storage memory:

To completely clear all patterns stored,
press the “CLR" button tv/ice. The
machine v/ill sound a long beep signal.
All patterns are also cleared when the

machine Is switched off.

Note: Once a sequence is selected and

stored in memory, you can use one of
the three automatic pattern selections

(straight stitch, zig-zag, blind stitch or





To return to the stored pattern selection,
simply push the “MRC" button.


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