Button sewing, Mymg, Imcier – SINGER 2210 Athena User Manual

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button Sewing


® To sev/ on buttons, first attcich the but­

ton sewing foot (1) to the machine by
following instructions under “Replacing
Screw-on Presser FeeP' in Chapter 2.

• Attach feed cover (2) on the machine also

as indicated in Chapter 2.

• Select



• Press the stitch width fine tuning button


• With the garment in place under the foot,

place button under the foot. Guide the
needle into the lefthand hole and turn the
handwheel and make the first stitch.

When the needle comes out of the but-
ton, adjust the v/idth fine tuning control

so needle will accurately enter the right
hand hole.


The speed controller may then be

depressed and the machine allowed to

take about six stitches.

* For 4 hole button, rotate garment and


• Remove work from machine and he off

both threads on the


side of the

fabric to secure button.


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