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Normal Pattern Selection (Cont’d)



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* To select a pattern, first choose the

desired individual pattern, letter, or numer*
al to be sewn (6) on the display panel and

note the key number under It (7),

♦ After turning machine power on, use but­

tons (1), (2), (4), and (6) to enter the key
number into the machine.

♦ if pattern selected has a key number from

0 to 9, the left hand side of the pattern
selection indicator must be reduced to
zero at which time it will go dark.

♦ If desired, only buttons (4) and (5) may be

used since holding in either button will let
the machine count up or down between

0 and 99. Buttons (1) and (2) make selec­

tion quicker by increasing or decreasing
the entry of the key in steps of 10 units
at a time.

* When the key number appears orr the

selection indicator, the machine is ready

to sew most selected patterns continu­

ously as long as speed controller is

• When single letters or numbers are select­

ed, the microcomputer only allows the
pattern to be sev^n once, then it automat­
ically shuts off. These patterns must be
used in conjunction with the memory

functions, described later in this book, in

order to be sewn more ttian once.

REMBÍV1BBR, when machine Is first turned

on, it will he ready to sew straight stitch and
will show that pattern on the selection Indh
cator, NOT a key number. Use of the arrow­

head controls will immediately change the

display on the selection indicator to a key


It is recommended to make a sample using

same fabric and Interlacing before sew­

ing on the garment.


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