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Left/Right Needle Position



This machine allows the operator to position

the needle to the left, center, or right for
special straight sewing, such as collars, from
the extreme left position to the extreme right
position or anywhere in between. Do this as

• With the machine set for straight stit­

ching, and the needle out of the fabric,
press the stitcii width fine tuning button

0) once. The pattern selection indicator
will show pattern ¡2).

* By moving the width fine tuning control,

the needle can be positioned any'.vhere
from the extreme left (3) to the center posi­
tion (4).

♦ Pressing the stitch width fine tuning but­

ton (1) again allows the fine tuning con­
trol to position the needle from the center
position (4) to the extreme right (5).

RBMEMBER: The mlcro-coniputer memory

retains Information on the last function
selocied. Turn the handwheel one revolution
by hand, or with the speed controller, for It
to acknowledge the new command.


Pressing the width fine tunlr^g button a

third time cancels the needle positioning

feature and returns the needle to its nor­
mal center position.


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