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Needle Up/Down Control

The position, up or down, in which the

needle stops when the speed controller is
released can be selected using button (1) lo-

cated beneath the reverse stitching button.

When power is turned on, the needle will

automatically stop in the *‘up’' position
whenever speed controller is released.

With machine stopped, but pov/er on,

press button (1) until desired needle stop­


position is

selected. This selection

will remain in effect until changed by the
operator or machine is turned off.

If the “down" position is chosen and it is

desired that the needle be quickly posi­

tioned “up", lightly tap the speed corv
troller. The needle will immediately posi­
tion up. Hov/ever, after sewing, it will still
come to rest in the “dov/n" position when
the speed controller is released unless
changed by the operator using position
control (1).


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