Twin needle sewing – SINGER 2210 Athena User Manual

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Twin Needle Sewing

Twin needle sewing produces Iwo parallel lines of closeiy^spaced, decorative


« With machine turned ofh insert twin rreedle into r^eedle clamp, and thread n^a-

chine as for slngle-needle sewing and through right needle eye (1),

» Attach extra spool pin with felt washer (2), to bobbin v^lnder spindle (3); place

second spool of thread on It; and, again, thread machine as usual except omit

thread guide (4) immediately above needle. Pass second thread through eye

of left hand needle.

« Activate stitch width fine tuning control by pressing (7) and set stitch width

(6) control to desired width between straight stitch and the twin needle mark (6).

CAUTION: DO NOT sew with twin needle using patterns as selected directly from
memory, and DO NOT use a stitch width greater than U\at Indicated by twin needle
mark on stitch width fine tuning control. Needle breakage will result. Rotate haiKiv/*
heel slowly by hand to visually check for adequate needle clearance before pres>

sing foot controller.

This machine Is not supplied v/ith the twin needle or extra spool pin and felt washer.
These accessories are available from an approved dealer.


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