Connecting the machine, Connecting the controller, Getting ready to sew – SINGER 2210 Athena User Manual

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To really enjoy sewing, get to know the machine well. This chapter will be valuable
in doing just that-

Connecting the machine


Connecting the Controller

NOTE: Before plugging in the machine, be

sure the electrical information on the label

(1) belov/ the handwheel agrees with the

local electrical supply and power switch is
in the “OFT” position.

Push plug (2) into the receptacle (4) at the
fight end of the machine. Then, connect plug

(6) to an electrical outlet.

Push speed controller plug (/) into recepta^

ele (8) also on the right end of the machine.

Runnirtg the Machine

To turn on machine and sewing light, press
portion ‘T’ of power switch (3). To turn off
machine and light, press front portion “0” of
power switch.

To run the rnactrlne and control speed, press
the speed controller (6) with foot. The tiarder

it is pressed, the faster the machine will sew.

To stop machine, remove foot from the con­


NOTE: Do not operate machine without fa­
bric under the pressor foot as this may da­
mage the feed and the presser foot.

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