Buttonholes – SINGER 2210 Athena User Manual

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This machine makes buttoniioles easily us­

ing the microcomputer to ensure accurate
repeatabliity. Always use a sample of the
same fabric and interfacing to make a test
buttonhole first before buttonholing on the
finished garment.

Attaching the Buttonhole Foot

» Raise the needle bar to Its highest posi­

tion by turning the hand wheel towards
the operator.

» Raise the grosser foot using presser foot

lifter on rear of machine,

® Loosen (but do not remove) the presser

foot screw (A), remove the presser foot

and shank attached, guiding it towards

the operator and to the right.

* Hook buttonhole foot (B) between loo­

sened screw (A) and around presser bar


» Tighten presser foot screw (A) with a thin


To make a tost buttonhole

* Select buttonhole by pressing button (1)

and sew right feg for desired buttonhole


» Press button (2) and start sewing top bar-

tack and left leg.

» Press again button (2) to close the button­

hole with the bottom bartack.

To erase the programmed buttonhole press

button (3).

^ The symbol in the pattern display window

v/iil indicate buttonhole programming

• b1 ■ buttonhole program selected

o b2 - second leg being programmed

♦ b3 - bartack being programmed

* bh - buttonhole programming completed.


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