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MÑc) ^ (




To use this button:
This button is used to recall patterns stored

in memory. If you have decided to sew a

single sequence of stored stitch patterns,
press the “MRC’' huUori once. The red Irv
dicator (A) will light. When the machine fin­

ishes to sew the string sequence, the slow
blinking of the red Indicator will advise you

to be at the end of the programmed siring
sequence and a lettering space symbol will
appear in the pattern display windov,?, (III. 8)

The machine v/lll automatically stop. To
restart machine, press “MRC” again to
repeat the same pattern or to select
another pattern.

To set the machine for continuous sevdng
of a


sequence, push the “MRC” but­

ton twice. The indicator light will begin
blinking rapidly. The machine will repeat
the pattern string continuosiy till it is

switched off.


• After programming a sentence, a date,

or a sequence of different patterns, all
data stored In memory can bo verified
to be sure that no programming error

has been made. By pressing the “ENT“
button, all selected key numbers will ap­
pear one after the other in the display

At the end of the stored sequence, the



sound a beep signal. Push

the “MRC” button to return to the begin­
ning of the sequence. The machine Is
now ready to sev/.

Please note that by pressing the “MRC“

button once, the machine will



one pattern sequence and will automat­
ically stop after this sequence Is com­

By pressing “MRC” twice, the machine

will repeat the pattern string continu­


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