Programming length (confd) – SINGER 2210 Athena User Manual

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Programming Length (Confd)


\ /

Depress speed controller slowly to start
sewing rigtit side of buttonhole. When the

stitching reaches the rear mark or^ the

fabric (A), stop machine and press center

button (2). the symbol (b2) will appear.

Start sewing again to complete the left

side of the buttonhole.

♦ When stitching reaches starting line at

the front of the buttonhole (B), stop
machine and press center button (2) a se*

cond time. The symbol (b3) will appear.

The machine will complete the buttonf^ole

and automatically stop. The red indicator
(tO) will start to blink and the symbol (bh)
will appear to indicate that the buttonhole
IS stored Irr the memory.

Remove sample fabric from machine, cut
slit In buttonhole, and confirm size with


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